Pakistan State is the killer of Benazir Bhutto, not TTP. Baitullah Mehsud

Some friends on twitter asked me for the English translation of my Pashto post about our trip to Waziristan to meet TTP founder Baitullah Mehsud in 2007 and the clarification of Mehsud that TTP was not involved in the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

One fine evening I got a call from my tribal journalist friend Sailab Mehsud in Peshawar asking me to get ready for a trip to Waziristan in the morning. I along with more than a dozen journalists travelled in our cars to Sra Rogha in South Waziristan via North Waziristan. TTP’s convicted commander Latifullah Mehsud was our guide. We spent the night at Kotki, the village of Hakimullah Mehsud, who in the company of his teenaged bodyguards also came to the hujra where we were guests of the local tribal elder. Hakimullah Mehsud’s boys were wearing masks and splashing knives while sitting beside us. The night passed and we finally met Baitullah Mehsud in the building of a deserted Govt high school Sra Rogha the next afternoon. The Sra Rogha Fort had been destroyed by TTP fighters while fighting Pakistan army.

One thing was very astonishing at the press conference and that was the presence of a strange person in white shalwar kamees, who ordered the cameramen not to show him in their footage. I asked a Taliban guy about the mysterious character and the reply was that the “doctor” is from Islamabad and he treats Baitullah Mehsud for his diabetes.

During the press conference Baitullah Mehsud was calm and articulate. He answered almost every question. To my question on Benazir Bhutto’s assassination by TTP, Mehsud smiled and said, “did TTP kill Benazir Bhutto’s father (Z A Bhutto), did TTP kill her brothers? We are not that powerful to kill her. She was killed by the same powers who killed her father and brothers. I am ready to fully cooperate with a UN inquiry if there is one on Benazir’s murder”.
To my question on why you encourage suicide bombers and he said, “our enemies have their atoms (nuclear weapons) and these are my atoms”, he meant (atom bombs)
I asked him if things can improve with the stepping down of Gen Musharraf and his reply was “No, it will not”. On the way back, we were stopped by our hosts at some place to offer prayers and that mysterious character also passed us in his land cruiser. I asked Latifullah Mehsud about the man and he said, “Pakistan is a ….. (swearing in Mehsud accent) country and wants us to do novel things for it”.

For a light moment, I also want to share it with you that I called a friend of mine through the satellite phone from Sra Rogha telling him that we have come to Baitullah and he was so quick to request me not to forget him in my prayers. He thought I was in Makka and my response was “pray for me to come back in once piece, this is not the Baitullah you think about”. Regards

By Behroz Khan

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