14 shopkeepers arrested accused of selling braizers and panties in Buner

Since the Eid-ul-Adha is ahead, the Assistant commissioner of Pir Baba, Mr. Zahid Usman Kakakhel has arrested 14 shopkeepers and has charged them with cash penalty for selling women Bras and panties in Pirbaba bazar (Buner District), adjacent to the shrine of Pir Baba which is basically a shopping area for females of the region. The AC has accused the shopkeepers of prevailing obscenity and vulgarity by selling women undergarments. There has been no FIR lodged against the arrested shopkeepers and were later released on personal bonds of the elders of the locality. A child Sajjad (aged 14) was also among those arrested and punished who is the key bread winner of the family through his shop.  The locals have raised concerns over the extreme move of the AC because of the fact that there is no specialized bazar for women other than this where women can buy their routine use garments and clothes. The warning of the AC to the shopkeepers not to speak to any media person was worrisome for the local population. The Pashtun Express was told that among those arrested, were Muhammad Nazir, Sartaj Khan, Gul Rehman, Iftikhar, Usman and Sajjad.

The Pashtun Express

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