Afghan all-girl robotics team wins medal at global robotics competition in US

Teams left with medals in a variety of categories at an international robotics competition in Washington that attracted teams of teenagers from more than 150 nations.

The team that drew the most attention at the FIRST Global Challenge, which ended Tuesday, was a squad of girls from Afghanistan who were twice rejected for U.S. visas before President Donald Trump intervened.

The team won a silver medal for “courageous achievement.” The award recognized teams that exhibited a “can-do” attitude even under difficult circumstances or when things didn’t go as planned. The gold medal in that category went to the South Sudan team and bronze to the Oman team, whose students are deaf.

The Europe team won a gold award for getting the most cumulative points over the course of the competition. Poland got silver and Armenia bronze. Finland won a gold award for winning the best win-loss record. Silver went to Singapore and bronze to India.

The Afghanistan team were only able to receive their visas at U.S. Embassy in Kabul on Thursday.

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