Afghan Ulemas once again slam Pakistan’s Maulana Fazal for his remarks

The Afghan Ulemas once again slammed the Pakistani politician and religious figure Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman for his controversial remarks regarding Afghanistan, emphasizing that he is not having a religious and academic status.

Speaking during a press conference in Kabul, the Afghan Ulemas said Maulana Fazal has always changed his stances similar as a cheap politician for his own interests.

They said Maulana Fazal encourages the Pakistani Taliban to political negotiations but encourages the Afghan Taliban to Jihad, holy war.

According to the Ulemas, Pakistan has received billions from the United States to eliminate the militant groups fighting under the umbrella of Jihad but Maulana Fazal endorses Jihad in Afghanistan, raising questions regarding his justifications and asking why he is not declaring Jihad in Pakistan if remaining an ally of the United States is not justified as per the Islamic teachings.

This comes as Maulana Fazal had earlier said that the peace would not be achievable in Afghanistan as long as the foreign forces have a presence in the country.

Fazal is a pro-Taliban Pakistani political leader who had endorsed the Taliban extremism in Afghanistan, calling it a legitimate war against the foreign forces.

The remarks by Fazal-ur-Rehman earlier in 2015 followed after a meeting with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani who visited Pakistan on a two-day state visit shortly after taking office as the new President of Afghanistan.

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