Aino Mena & its history, Kandahar

This is Aino Mena. Aino is a woman. She’s very famous in Kandahar. The person who established Afghanistan, Ahmad Shah Durrani, the king. He came back from India. He and his men stayed outside of Kandahar City to rest and clean themselves so they could see their families the next day. Well, one husband who was newly married, he couldn’t wait. He left the camp and knocked on his wife’s door. He said he just couldn’t stay away, he had been gone so long, “Oh, I miss “much. Could you open the door?” She stares at him and said: “Where is the king?” He says, “It’s fine, everyone else will come tomorrow.” She says “Go away. Don’t come back without your king.” So when he went back to camp, he was captured by the other soldiers, for being a deserter. He said, “Yes, I left, but I came back.” He was taken to the king. And the king said, “Why did you escape?” He told the story and the king was not happy with him. So the king called the man’s wife before him. He gave her a big piece of land. Land that had water, the Aino Mena.

Aino mena a well known housing scheme prime location of Kandahar.





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