Army’s Special Unit Arrests 25 Armed Men In Faryab Afghanistan

An Army spokesman said some weapons were seized from the house where the “irresponsible armed men” resided.

A group of 25 “irresponsible armed men” was arrested in a crackdown by the Afghan National Army’s Special Force Unit in Faryab province, an army official confirmed.

The operation was conducted at a house near Faryab Airport in Maimana City, the provincial capital, on Thursday night, the 209 Shaheen Corps spokesman Mohammad Hanif Rezaee told TOLOnews. 

He said the unit had intelligence report on the gathering of the irresponsible armed men “who were planning an attack on government forces”.

He said the armed men had attacked an army helicopter this week.

He added that nine light weapons, two Humvees, four police Ranger vehicles, one armed SUV vehicle and two heavy weapons were seized during the operation.

Rezaee said two people were killed and two others wounded in the operation. He added that no casualty was sustained by government forces.

Some local officials in Faryab have claimed that the attack was conducted on Qaisar police chief Nizamuddin Qaisari’s house to arrest his armed men. 

However, the army spokesman rejected the claims as baseless.

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