Challenges can be converted into opportunities: Ghani

KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani says his country views Turkmenistan as a friendly neighbour connecting Afghanistan with other countries and reducing the 10 years gap to two and half years.

At a joint press availability with his Turkmen counterpart in Ashgabat on Monday, Ghani hailed Turkmenistan as a good neighbour, which served as a bridge for Afghanistan.

He thanked the Turkmen president for his support for the TAPI pipeline projects. He said bilateral economic links had shortened the distance between the two countries, creating opportunities of greater cooperation and coordination.

Ghani called Berdymukhamedov a friend of Afghanistan who supported Kabul’s viewpoints on various issues. He said the Turkmen president had twice visited Afghanistan, each trip resulting in the strengthening of cooperation.

Berdymukhamedov said he was happy over the Afghan leader’s trip. “We talked about bilateral relations, the situation in Central Asia and the region, the threat posed by terrorism and regional peace.”

He said Turkmenistan and Afghanistan had agreed that regional and global disputes should be resolved through dialogue as a political solution was the bestb way to resolve differences.

He commended Ghani’s support for the completion of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan -India (TAPI) gas pipeline. The project would be completed in time, he hoped.

The Turkmen president said Afghanistan was the gateway to most countries in the region and all of them could get maximum advantage of the war-torn country’s strategic location. PAN

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