Concerns rise over youth missing in North Wazirstan

KABUL : Concerns over the missing and arresting of the youth in Pakistan’s North Waziristan tribal region by the military have increased.

In this regard, Pashtun nationalist leader Afrasyab Khattack said some youth and civil society activists had gone missing in the tribal region near the Afghanistan border.

The Awami National Party (ANP) senior leader said the youth and activists were arrested after they protested alleged manhandling of common people by the army.

Khattak said local officials banned political activities in North Waziristan Agency (NWA) after the local youth protested against violations of their rights.

He said: “People in the tribal areas, special youth, have been facing different types of illegal restrictions.”

The former senator said NWA residents were victims of terrorism and suffered at the hands of security forces.  He said residents of Waziristan had been historically deprived from their basic rights.

A large number of youth and civil society activists have gone missing in the region and local people claim the Pakistan army is behind the disappearances.


Rana Adab Organisation in a statement said after the Zarb-i-Azab operation in the tribal region, a large number of nationalist activists were arrested, murdered and their bodies turned up few weeks later.

The statement said Amanullah Lawangin, was one of the civil society activists who had been missing.

The organization believed Lawangin was with the army. Another activist Dalgir was released after six months in detention, one of thousands who met the same fate in NWA.

Political affairs expert Faiz Mohammad Zaland said the Pakistani government and its army deliberately wanted to kill Pashtuns and their upcoming generation.

He said the people of NWA could not raise their voices nor could they stage a protest. “They have no authority to register their complaint with others.” (Pajhwok

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