Ex-Kabul Bank shareholder Dawi jailed for 9 years for embezzling of millions of dollars

The owner of Dawi oil and former share holder of Kabul Bank Abdul Ghafar Dawi has been jailed for nine years on charges of embezzlement of at least $38 million in a fuel contract.

Dawi’s court hearing was organized late on Tuesday evening in the Anti-Corruption Justice Center of Afghanistan.

Apart from Dawi, his deputy Asghar Ghiasi was also jailed for nine years and nine months in prison for having role in the multi-million embezzlement of the fuel contract for the government.

According to the court hearing, part from the nine years and nine months of jail term, the two senior officials of Dawi Oil were also awarded a total fin of twelve thousand Afghanis and the reimbursement of $38 million embezzled funds.

Dawi was initially arrested in mid-March this year over the allegations of embezzlement of millions of dollars in oil and fuel contracts as he was key a shareholder of the Kabul Bank.

Kabul Bank was seized by the government in 2010 after the exposure of a staggering $900 million fraud, which led the International Monetary Fund to temporarily halt its hundreds of millions of dollars of loans to the country.

Kabul Bank was one of Afghanistan’s largest private financial institutions founded in 2004 by Sherkhan Farnood, who was an international prominent poker player. Khalilullah Ferozi, the former chief executive of the bank, was another key staff.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani ordered to reopen the scandal case of Kabul Bank shortly after taking office as the new President of country. -KP

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