German embassy issues new instructions for visa applicants after Kabul bombing

The embassy of Germany in Afghanistan issued new instructions for the visa applicants after the deadly Kabul bombing left the visa section closed since May 31st.

In a notice posted by the embassy of Germany, the visa applicants have been instructed to apply to German consulates based in New Delhi, Istanbul, and Dubai for the visas.

“The Federal Foreign Office is also endeavouring to enable applications for Schengen visas to be made in Islamabad and Dushanbe. As soon as this has been organised, details will be announced on this website,” the notice said, adding that the applicants must make an appointment at one Visa Section only.

“The Federal Foreign Office is currently taking the necessary steps so that new applications for family reunification, student visas etc. can also be submitted to the German Embassies in New Delhi and Islamabad.Further information will be provided on this website as soon as possible,” the embassy of Germany added.

The embassy of Germany also instructs the applicants to obtain visas for any of the mentioned countries before making an appointment.

The German embassy stopped the visa process in Kabul after the deadly bombing in Kabul on 31st May near the embassy compound.

Over one hundred and fifty people lost their lives in the attack and hundreds more were wounded in the explosion which is considered as one of the deadliest attacks since the Taliban regime was toppled in 2001. -KP

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