Here is a super malware that wants to render your devices useless

Malwares have been known to corrupt machines or hold users’ data ransom.

But there is a new malware on the block that looks to simply render devices useless and its called Brickerbot.

So, what is Brickerbot?

According to a report, Brickerbot was discovered by cybersecurity company Radware and the aim of the malware is to render the hardware useless or in technical terms — “Permanent Denial of Service” attack.

For example, if your security camera is linked to the internet, then Brickerbot will break into it remotely and then try to break it.

“A permanent denial of service attack is typically where you will try to override software or try to destroy hardware in such a way that the device cannot be recovered without experts doing recovery on the device,” Pascal Geenens, the researcher who discovered the malware, was quoted as saying to CBC.

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