Nangarhar students sit Kankor exam amid complaints

JALALABA:  The annual university entrance test or Kankor kicked off on Wednesday in eastern Nangarhar province, with some candidates complaining about what they said a reduced share in university admissions.

About 18,000 high school graduates, nearly 2000 among them girls, would sit the exam in Nangarhar this year. The students had graduated from high school in the past two years (1395-96).

Some 4000 successful candidates would make their way to public sector universities in Nangarhar this year, compared to 10000 last fall.

About the decreased quota, the candidates said Nangarhar and its residents were subjected to a step-motherly treatment.

High school graduate from Batikot district Abdul Rauf said the reduced quota had been granted to two batches of Nangarhar students, which was not acceptable to them.

He said not giving admission to 14000 out of the 18000 students could turn the disqualifying ones to joint militants or start robberies on roads.

Provincial council members said they were not allowed to oversee the exam process. They complained about the reduced quota for Nangarhar students.

However, Nangarhar University chancellor Prof. Babrak Miakhel said this year’s exam would be more transparent than the previous ones and installation of the biometric system was evidence in this regard.

He said the admission quota depended on percentage in marks as high percentage meant more quota.

Governor Gulab Mangal during the exam inauguration said no one would be allowed to interfere in the exam process. He said elaborate security measures had been put in place for the exam. -PAJHWOK

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