New strategy about Afghanistan to include ‘Regional Approach’: Mattis

The US defense secretary James Mattis has said the new strategy of Washington about Afghanistan will include ‘Regional Approach’ as he expects to present his recommendations to President Donald Trump soon.

Speaking to the US lawmakers in the House Armed Services Committee on Monday, Mattis said the new U.S. strategy will take a “regional approach” rather than addressing the country’s long-running war in isolation.

“We are taking a regional approach to this…. We will take that forward to the president for a decision very soon,” he said.

This comes as Lisa Curtis, Senior Director for South and Central Asia in the White, said last week that  President Donald Trump administration’s Afghanistan policy will be finalized in the near future as she reaffirmed Washington’s continued support to Afghanistan.

She said the US government and nation stands with the Afghan people and government as Afghanistan faces difficult political and security challenges.

According to Curtis, the Trump administration has completed the review of the Afghanistan policy and it is expected that the final results will be announced through media in the near future.

Hailing the Afghan government for successfully convening the Kabul Process summit, Curtis expressed hopes that the regional countries will have active contribution in the implementation of the Kabul Process decisions and plans. -KP

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