Pakistan, US launch female self-defense programme

The US State Department has launched a self-defense awareness programme for college and university students, particularly for girls.

This initiative is taken by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), US State Department and is implemented by IREX.

Tanzeela Bashir (Global UGRAD Alumna) has come up with five volunteers to visit three colleges and academies in June.

The programme will focus more on the practical aspect of self-defense along with how to be confident in the pace of world and live properly and take protected actions in case of any mishap or tragedy and is aiming for more than 500 college and university students in three days.

Women in Pakistan are contributing to the country’s prosperity as much as men.

The key points of this initiative are to focus on the confidence building, to facilitate females with latest self-defence skills to help them deal with any hard time, and will also make them overcome their weaknesses and fear by making them talk about it.

The self-defence session is about 1.5 hours, in which the team will give the first aid training, along with brochure guide, certificates, gifts, evaluation form, displaying of self-help and awareness tips and individual and group activity.

If this project saves even one life, the impact factor would be immense.

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