President Ghani attends news-briefing, gives details about recent tours’ achievements

KABUL: President of  Afghanistan in a news conference said his tours to Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan and the next visit to the Central Asian countries would help the country’s geography turn into an opportunity, according to a statement from his office on Tuesday.
He described Wakhan— one of the most deprived region of the country, and said efforts are being made to transfer optic fiber through the corridor, said the statement quoting him touching on the rail-track to could connect Afghanistan with China, the issue of which would be discussed later.
The president said he would speak in details about the creation of railway to connect Kunduz, in the north with Herat in the east and explained that the provinces of Badakhshan, Takhar, Balkh, Jauzjan, Faryab, Badghis and Herat would be witnessing the consequences of his tours to the Central Asian countries, as he said the northern borders of Afghanistan have changed from dry to the warm interrelates.
“In the past there were no plan to produce power from domestic sources and if focus is not made in this source, industry, services and progress would not be made in the country,” said the president as quoted in the statement.
He said there was no basic plan to secure economic and development relations with the regional countries and now the goal had been fully reached.
The three countries of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan have agreed to produce more discounted electricity to Afghanistan, said the statement quoted the president.
Pointing to his successful regional policy, the president added that the Central Asian countries have separated 119 years ago, but now Afghanistan is an integral part of the Central Asia and Caucasus and the said countries were focusing on the sought.
He said Afghanistan, during his presidency drew an annual fund of up to 5.2 billion USD from the international community, something others doubted on.
To a query on the acting ministries, he vowed that caretaker capacities would be ended within six months, but said that the main discussion was to identify the main duties of the ministries and the state-run institutions.
On peace process, the president said there was a need for an interstate dialogue with Pakistan and then with the Taliban on which no agreement is still reached. “This requires enough time to have a lasting and people based willing peace ensured in the country.”
About the US policy to Afghanistan, he said US has positive vision to Afghanistan and by allocating some annual 860 million USD would remain cooperating with Afghanistan, and full cooperation to help equip the Afghan air-force equipped by 2020.
About the upcoming election, the president said all preparations were made to hold the process, with India showing readiness to cooperate with the process technically.
The president asked the entire nations to monitor the process of election for its transparency and about the water management, he said up to 18 billion cubic meter of the country’s water would be controlled and work based on the Helmand water accord was underway.
Friendly negotiation with the Iran is going on, the president concluded.

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