PTI, PML-N councillors clash during district council session

PESHAWAR: Unrest erupted in the district council, on Tuesday, after PML-N opposition counsellor Rehemdil Nawaz objected to district councillor Abdul Malik labelling other counsellors as ‘corrupt.’

During his address to the participants of the session, PTI’s Malik claimed that deep-rooted corruption existed in the development projects undertaken in all districts apart from his own.

Nawaz, along with other members of the opposition, objected by standing on their seats and launching into a furious tirade which was reciprocated in full by the government benches.


Convener Syed Qasim Ali Shah announced a lunch break to diffuse the situation; however, Malik and Nawaz again exchanged harsh words over lunch.

Nazim Muhammad Asim intervened and resolved the quarrel between the two members of the district council.

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