Shocking! Salman Khan breaks a fan’s phone

Salman Khan is known to be extremely temperamental and moody. Also, unpredictable at times. That is why a recent incident shocked everyone, even his fans and other people around him. According to a report in Filmfare, Salman Khan was chatting and enjoying the company of his friends and family, at a recently held awards functions. Soon after, a fan approached Salman and started boasting about his new, ‘unbreakable’ phone.

The ‘Kick’ star smiled and went back to his conversations. But the fan continued to pester him with his new phone and its features.

Salman then took the phone from the fan’s hand and smashed it on the ground.The phone remained intact. The actor threw it once again to the ground and it still remained intact. He tried again and again. By now a crowd had gathered around him cheering Salman on to break it. At last the phone gave way. Salman then picked up the broken pieces and smirked at the guest, “Unbreakable phone?”

While everyone present had a heart laugh, the fan seemed to have regretted boasting in front of Salman Khan.

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