Torkham gate remains closed for 2nd day

JALALABAD: Pakistani guards shut the Torkham crossing point in eastern Nangarhar province on Friday, leaving a large number of people stranded on both sides, officials said on Saturday.

According to reports, seven corpses and dozens of patients were stranded on the Pakistan side of the Durand Line.

Pakistani officials said they closed the crossing point after its six of their security personnel were wounded in twin grenade attacks. Two Afghan passengers were also injured.

But the Nangarhar governor’s spokesman, Attaullah Khogyani, told Pajhwok Afghan News seven passengers traveling to Afghanistan were injured in and taken to a health centre in Torkham.

“The Durand Line crossing is still closed and around a hundred passengers spent last night in the border township. We provided them with food and other facilities,” he said.

Zirak, one of the passengers who wanted to take a patient to Pakistan, said around 300 commuters were stranded in Torkham on the Afghanistan side and waited for the reopening of the border.

“Seven bodies are lying on the Pakistani side and they are not allowed to be transferred to Afghanistan,” he said.

The crossing point was immediately closed following the twin blasts. Pakistani officials said a decision on reopening of the gate would be taken on today after consultations with higher authorities in Islamabad. Pajhwok


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