University’s lecturer recalls Mashal’s ordeal

In the court proceedings of Mashal Khan murder case on Friday, a lecturer at Mass Communication department of Abdul Wali khan University, Ziaullah Hamdard, told the court that Mashal was a talented student and in the period of 2 years he had never committed any blasphemy.

Ziaullah Hamdard said that on April 13 he was called by office assistant Anees Amin to come to JMC department immediately. “I saw students complaining that Mashaal Khan and Abdullah were launching anti- Islamic propaganda through social media forums,” he said, “despite the fact they had no proof of that.”

He told the court that university administration called the police to handle the situation. DSP Haider Ali along with other police personnel came to the department to save Abdullah, a friend of Mashaal Khan who was hiding in the chairman’s office washroom.

The lecturer said that as he went back to the faculty hostel, he encountered around 15-20 students who were inquiring about Mashal’s whereabouts. “They thought Mashal was in my room,” he recalled.  In the meantime, I got Mashal’s text; on that, the students snatched my phone, locked me in the room and went off to find Mashal in the student hostel.

When I got out, and I advanced towards the admin block, I met the SP Operation who assured me that his subordinate DSPs were present in the hostel and they will handle the situation,” he said. And at the same moment I got the news of Mashal’s murder, he lamented.

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